17 of the Best Fidget Toys for ADHD, Stress, & Anxiety

Fidget Toys

There’s no getting around it. Fidget toys are here to stay. And, for good reason. In addition to the entertainment value they bring, whether users know it or not, fidget toys provide numerous health and wellness benefits too. New Scientist has also highlighted how parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and school teachers alike have voiced their delight over how instrumental fidget toys have become in helping children with ADHD (Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyslexia. Adults, particularly full-time professionals, have also praised just how effective fidget toys are at helping to quickly relieve stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re wanting to get a fidget toy for yourself or for someone else, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together here a list of 17 of the best fidget toys you can buy online now. Some are ingenious, strange, weird, and wonderful but, you’ll find all are unique, interesting, and provide a good level of entertainment.

17 of the Best Fidget Toys

1. Fidget Chain

These fidget chains from Fidget Works are about the size of a quarter dollar coin. What the heck is it? It’s a strange fidgety device comprised of two overlapping rings bound by smooth rust resistant chain parts. Chain parts that look very similar to those from a bike chain. Wrapped around the center of the chain parts are silicone rubber rings. Like many other fidget toys, these fidget chains are designed not to come apart in any way. Instead, it’s a very quiet type of fidget that you simply move around in the palm of your hand. It’s also a very “pocketable” fidget too.Fidget Chain

2. Moon Drop Desk Fidget

If slow and steady is more your game, the Moon Drop fidget might just be for you. It’s been called the “scientific desk toy” and comes in two pieces—the ‘Moon Drop’ itself and the base stand. Basically, the way it works is you take the “anti-gravity” slider and tip it so that gravity pulls the slider down. Got more than one Moon Drop? Guess what? You can link them together using the magnets on both ends. It fits right into your hand meaning it can easily be put into your pocket to take anywhere. What do you think? Is this anything like the fidget spinner or the fidget cube?Moon Drop Fidget Toy

3. Squeeze-a-Bean

Thanks to the explosion in popularity of fidgets the Squeeze-a-Bean fidget toy has made a somewhat resurgence. That’s right, it isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s actually been on the market for quite a few years already. So, while these squeeze-a-beans have quietly been popular with a small group of faithful tribes around the world—they’re back! How do they work? Unlike a stress ball that you squeeze with your hand, with these, you squeeze with your fingers. When you squeeze the beans pop out but don’t pop off. They’re super light, super cute, and come with a little chain so you can attach it to your keys or bag. Happy bean squeezing.

Squeeze a Bean

4. Hand Pad

If you’re thinking “this looks like a miniaturized gaming controller,” you would be right because it basically is! But, you don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate the functionality packed into this fidget. Much like the fidget cube, this Hand Pad from Fidget Dice features a spin, rocker, breathe, flip, roll, click, shift, and a finger massager. What more could you possibly need?Fidget Hand Pad

5. Frick Frack

I didn’t know what a Frick Frack was until these came along. Then, when I saw them, I thought, “now that looks like a frick frack.” and I can tell you, they are as weird to play with as the sound of the name itself. Frick Frack. Because that’s what you do with these. You ‘Frick Frack’ with them. Meaning you, pull, twist, crunch, squeeze, whatever you can with it to keep your hands busy. ZIO products claim that the mesh tube will not break keeping the marble inside which could be a nice challenge if you’re up for it?Frick Frack Fidgets

6. Fidget Textured Pens

Continuing with the theme of bright multi-colours, these fidget textured pens come in a number of color and textured variants. Sure, there’s some strange looking ones but that’s the point. Great for pen fidgeters and perhaps even pen gnawers.Fidget Textured Pens

7. Spinner Cube

What do you get when you combine the fidget spinner with the fidget cube? The spinner cube, of course! Well, not quite. But close. Think of a fidget spinner but as a cube form factor. It can be spun as a full unit by holding opposite corner ends or, can be taken apart to be used just like a classic spin top spinner. Not sure exactly who came up with this idea but, however, you want to spin it, just like the fidget spinner, there’s something strangely satisfying about watching it spin.Fidget Spinner Cube

8. 12-Sided Fidget Cube

Want more than a 6-sided fidget cube? How about a 12-sided one? What mechanics does it feature? These 12-sided fidget cubes actually feature 11 different fidget types. These include a gear, disk, button, silicone ball, joystick, switch, soft rope, click, finger massage, worry stone and sliding blocks. It’s quite a bit larger in size in comparison to the fidget cube but it still fits quite nicely in the hand.12-sided Fidget Cube

9. Orbiter Fidget Spinner

This chrome fidget comes in two pieces [1] the Orbiter itself (base) and [2] the steel ball. How does it work? Similar to a fidget spinner where you pinch the middle bearing with your fingers, you pinch the Orbiter in one hand using your other hand to spin the ball. When not in use, the steel ball sits comfortably on top or bottom of the base. While the ball will stay attached to the base even upside down, the magnetism between the base and the ball isn’t too strong. The side magnets, however, seem a lot stronger. Give it a good shake and the ball will detach from the base. Also worth noting is that the base itself can be used as a worry stone. In terms of overall build quality, it’s machined really well with no rough edges making it feel smooth in your hands. Not to mention it looks intriguing and is super fun to play with.

Magnetic Orbiter

10. Tangle Relax

What’s the idea behind tangle fidgets? “Twistable energy” that is designed to help the user with stress relief and improve creative flow. The Tangle Jr is made up of a series of 90-degree curves each connected at a joint enabling it to pivot and twist. They look very much like a toy so, at first glance, it’s easy to think it’s just for kids. But, for some odd reason, the twisting, turning, and manipulating is as useful and strange as it is even for adults. The tubes are about as thick as straw. Untangled it stretches out to be about 6 inches long. The pieces pop apart so there’s also the option of shortening or extending its size by unlinking and linking other Tangle Jr’s together. This one’s great for keeping both hands busy.Tangle Fidget Toys

11. Infinity Cube

Like the idea of a fidget in a cube form factor but want something more unique, stylish, and yet something that will still give you the stress and anxiety relief you need like the fidget cube? Then, take a look at the infinity cube. This is personally one of my favorites because it not only looks and feels well made but the simple design and engineering behind it makes this cube super easy and fun to use. The full size of the cube works out to be 1.42 x 1.42 x 1.42 inches so it fits quite nicely into the palm of your hand. If you get your hands one of these, good luck with trying to put it down.Infinity Cube

12. Valtcan

Looking for something with the WOW factor? This fidget spinner will be sure to wow. It’s not cheap but super cool doesn’t come cheap. This spinner is made up of 9 gears all of which turn on every spin. Every mesmerizing spin is like watching the mechanical movements of a Swiss watch only you’re in control. The build quality looks and feels very good. Provides great entertainment for kids with ADHD, and to help with stress and anxiety relief. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter.Valtcan

13. Magnetic Sculpture Desk

Want something for the desk at work or home? This Glantop® Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy is not only intriguing to look at but fun to play with too. It comes with a magnetic base with a set of 160 stainless steel balls. Let’s say you’re a creative professional with a creative block or, you’re a corporate professional that is stuck on building the strategy plan, or you’re a student that can’t seem to get the right words out for that essay. Take your mind off it, pull this out and see what you can put together. Let those thoughts simmer and focus on something else that will help relieve the stress and put you in a better frame of mind. Certainly makes for a great gift too.Magnetic Sculpture Desk

14. Rainbow Ball

This Rainbow Ball from CuberSpeed looks like it was inspired by The Star Wars BB-8 Droid. Its dimensions are quite a bit bigger than other fidget toys featured here but still easy to use and fun to play with. What’s great about this Rainbow Ball is that it comes with its own objectives which are great for challenging friends and family. Look closely and you’ll notice there are colored rings around each ball. The color of the balls and rings can be mixed up by pushing in each of the balls. The challenge, therefore, is to get all the balls and rings matching as quick as possible. Fastest time wins!Rainbow Ball

15. WhatZ it Fidget Toy

This Whatz it Fidget Toy not only looks funky with its various colors and designs, it’s a great brain teaser too. This fidget toy is particularly useful for those long car rides. Although simple in design and functionality, it seems to work really well at keeping kids challenged and entertained for long periods of time. The WhatZ it Fidget Toy twists and turns to form different shapes which is only limited by imagination. The only problem with this fidget toy is are the clicking sounds which could get annoying if having to listen to over a long period time.Whatz it Fidget Toy

16. Liquid Motion Bubbler

On the other end of the noise spectrum is this Liquid Motion Bubbler. It’s probably also the least fidgety toy on the list but just as mesmerizing as the Valtacan spinner—also on this list. This Liquid Motion Bubbler is nice and simple to use. You simply flip it over to stand upright on top of a desk or table and let the gentle visual sensors take over. The makers Super Z Outlet suggest that the slow and rhythmic drops have a very appealing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues making it great for kids with Autism and ADHD. It measures out to be 2″ wide x 5.75″ inches in length with each bubbler containing two colors.Liquid Motion Bubbler

17. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit

When the stress ball came out, it went gangbusters. Now, its predecessor, leading the way for next evolution of stress balls comes in the form of these Gaiam hand therapy balls. The Gaiam brand is well known for their top quality and highly sought after Yoga and Meditation products and they’ve done the same with these high-quality hand therapy balls. Each kit includes three color-coded balls of varying resistance (soft, medium, firm). The kit also comes with a full-color exercise guide with easy to follow illustrations on how to use the balls to improve strength, prevent stiffness, relieve joint pain, and increase flexibility. The balls fit firmly into the palm of your hand and weigh 8.8 ounces. These aren’t just good for helping to relieve stress and anxiety but also for relieving joint pain. And, it works! Great gift for an adult or, of course, for yourself.Gaiam Balls

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If you didn’t see anything that tickled your fancy, then a fidget spinner, fidget cube, or even a fidget pen might just be what you were looking for.