The Best Fidget Spinner Toys of 2017

Fidget Spinners

There’s no getting past it. Fidgets are everywhere! And, leading the charge, are the undeniably popular Fidget Spinners. Due in large part to its explosive popularity, many different variations of spinners have emerged by many different types of manufacturers. Some, of excellent quality and some that are a disappointing waste of money. Yes, there are so many different spinners to choose from that, for many people, it’s become difficult and overwhelming as to which one to buy. If you’re one of those people and looking to get your first or a new fidget spinner, I’ve compiled a curated list of quality fidget spinners that are affordable, unique, and very cool.

What Exactly are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget Spinners are palm-sized finger widgets that comprise of a ball bearing enclosed with a body the user can use to spin the fidget between their fingers.

Contrary to popular belief, fidget spinners aren’t just toys. And, despite what some people think, they’re not just for kids either. While they are hugely popular with kids from the age of eight upwards, so too are fidget spinners becoming popular with adults. So, what exactly are fidget spinners? They are palm-sized “finger widgets” that comprise of a ball bearing enclosed with a body the user can use to spin the fidget between their fingers.

The ‘spin’ provides users with a pleasing type of sensory experience. Each spin, not only provides the user with short bursts of entertainment but can also help to quickly:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Help with Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia
  • Improve relaxation

It’s no wonder that fidget spinners have become popular worldwide. In fact, did you know, according to Google Trends data, by the end of March 2017 “fidget spinner” became a more popular worldwide search than Justin Bieber himself?

Not only do these “toys” help to relieve stress and reduce anxiety but they also work to positively and constructively aid people with ADHD, Autism, and people with bad habits such as nail biting, table tapping, etc. If you are looking to buy a fidget spinner for yourself, or for someone else, the curated list of the best fidget spinners you can get for a reasonably cheap price should help give you an idea of what’s available and what to look for when buying. Of course, once you get your own fidget spinner, here’s a few trick shots to get under your belt.

What People are Saying About Fidget Spinners

“It’s amazing how this device has allowed me to relax and concentrate anytime anywhere”
” I have to say that it is oddly satisfying spinning it while on the phone or while staring at spreadsheets.”
“I absolutely love this thing. It keeps my hands busy when I’m focusing on other things. I’m not sure if my son will ever get it…lol”
“I tend to bite my nails and this has helped me divert my almost involuntary habit to just keep active with the spinner in my hand.”

The Best Fidget Spinners You Can Buy

Word of warning, whether you’re in the market for yourself or someone else, there are lots of fidget spinners to choose from. So much so, that in the past six months more than a hundred different types of fidget spinners have become available. And, that’s not to mention the different shapes, color variants, and materials they are made of. Different brands have come out with their own flavor of spinners. Some good quality. Some, not so good quality. To help save you heartache, disappointment, and a bit of money, below is a curated list of the best fidget spinners at reasonably good prices.

Fidget Spinner by Fidgeteer

Fidget Spinner - Fidgeteer

Starting with the fidget spinner by Fidgeteer, this classic design and finely balanced spinner is among the most popular fidget spinners with both children and adults. In addition to the health benefits fidget spinners provide, its concave center cap sits perfectly on any finger making even the most advanced spinner tricks look easy to perform. Fidgeteer is at the top of the list because they not only deliver a good quality product but also outstanding customer service.

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Rainbow Hand Spinner  [2017 Upgraded] by Labvon

Fidget Spinner - Rainbow

These rainbow fidget spinners from Labvon sell out alot and when they do they sell out fast. The 2017 upgraded versions come with an improved stainless steel bearing enabling longer spinning times. Its smooth and rounded titanium alloy build also helps to avoid hurting your hand at high speeds. It’s a bit heavier than other fidget spinners but maybe that’s what helps to make it spin for so long.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget Spinner by Kroma

Fidget Spinner - Kroma

The folks at Kroma have taken the classically designed fidget spinner and made it glow in the dark. Its good quality bearings make it spin effortlessly with most spins going for over 2 minutes. Compared to other fidget spinners, this finger spinner is thinner and quieter making it great for keeping kids quietly occupied in the evenings. Kroma claims it has a durable build made with impact resistant plastic, meaning their fidget spinner will survive minor drops and falls with ease.

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Bat Shaped Fidget Spinner by NEWAZA

Fidget Spinner - NEWAZA

Interestingly, this fidget spinner is super popular with kids AND adults. But, it’s a Bat-shaped spinner with Batman all over it, so who’s to judge? It’s just cool! It’s well balanced, durable, and spins as fast at the Batmobile itself.

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Aluminum Alloy Tri-Spinner by BOKATE

Fidget Spinner - BOKATE

Smooth edges, sleek design, and 2-5 minute average spins. And, that’s just the beginning. Bokate has put together, quite possibly, the best high-strength aluminum alloy fidget spinner on the market. Bokate claims that the materials of this spinner effectively prevents deformation which helps to maintain the surface brightness. It’s slightly bigger and heavier than other fidget spinners of its kind but still palm-sized and pocketable.

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Stainless Steel Tri Spinner by CheapFidgets

Fidget Spinner - CheapFidgets

Ceramic stainless steel, hybrid bearings, and made of high-quality red copper material. Need I say more? Okay. Its spins are “smooth as butter” (2-5 minute average spins), has zero wobble, and to top it all off – it just looks damn slick! The profile of this fidget spinner fits those who are all class and want the best of everything.

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Pure Copper Ceramic Bearing Eagle Hand Spinner by Woocon

Fidget Spinner - Woocon

Another super cool variant to add to the list is this well machined 100% copper-made fidget spinner with ceramic bearing. The design and finish is actually quite beautiful and it comes in a nicely packaged tin case. What’s also unique and interesting about this rugged looking fidget spinner is that it’s bearing can be replaced. Access to the bearing also means that you can give it some grease monkey every now and then to keep the spins in top form. Woocon claims that this Eagle Hand spinner can get 3-5 minute average spins.

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Gold Fidget Hand Spinner by Mothca

Fidget Spinner - Mothca

Looking for a gold spinner? Then, this might just be what you’re looking for. There’s plenty of gold fidget spinners out there but nothing quite like this one. Its premium build is made of high-quality brass material using laser CNC technology. It’s durable, well balanced, smooth, fast, and quieter. Mothca claims that this fidget spinner can get 2-5 minute average spins. What’s unique about this fidget spinner is that it’s 6 arms can be detached to form different looks.

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The Crusader Antique Alloy Fingertip Gyro by Rnging

Fidget Spinner - Rnging

This list wouldn’t be complete without a gyro fidget spinner and, these ones from Rnging, make some of the best in the business. These spinners are made of 100% zinc alloy material and come with high-density stainless steel bearings. Its palm-sized dimensions feel comfortable in the hand, the spins feel smooth, the build feels solid, and it surprisingly looks great too! Take it anywhere with you as these gyro spinners are easy to pocket.

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Tri-Spinner Fidget by Maxboost

Fidget Spinner - Maxboost

Rounding out the list is this Tri-Spinner by Maxboost. An appropriate brand name for this fidget spinner. While Maxboost doesn’t claim any range of average spin time, it’s customers boast 3+ minute average spin times. Its ergonomic design feels comfortable in the hand, has a good build quality, feels smooth, and well priced. If you’re looking to get your first fidget spinner (or for someone else) this tri-spinner is a great option.

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Who Invented the Fidget Spinner?

Florida-based resident Catherine Hettinger is credited for being the creator behind the infamous fidget spinner. Based on the unimaginable height of popularity fidget spinners have soared too, you might think Hettinger would now be living a lavish life of luxury. Or, at least have the option to do so should she wish to. Unfortunately, for Hettinger, the series of events that followed after filing the patent in May of 1993 hasn’t turned out to be so gracious. According to (FPO), Hettinger filed a patent (5591062) for the fidget spinner under the title “Spinning toy.” In the contents of the filing, Hettinger describes the invention as follows:

The present invention relates to amusing toys and more particularly to a toy which is spun on the finger for the amusement of children and adults.

After failed attempts to sell her invention to Hasbro, in 2005 when the patent expired, Hettinger decided not to pay the patent renewal fee. Fast forward to March 2017 (nearly 12 years later) and fidget spinners emerge in a big way. Mainstream media takes notice of the growing trend and accelerates its growing popularity. The rest, well, is history. Retailers seem to struggle with the demand as fidget spinners seem to have become more popular than the more recent Pokemon craze.

The Growing Popularity of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have made quite an impact that brands like Google have taken notice. Search “spinner” on Google and you’ll find one of Google’s virtual Easter Eggs. The way it works is simple. To spin Google’s version you can either click the ‘Spin’ button or click, hold and drag your mouse to it. Want a faster spin? Click the ‘Spin’ button multiple times and the spinner will appear to increase the speed of its rotation.

Google Fidget Spinner

Want more? App developers Plant Pot have developed a mobile app game for Android users labeled as “Fidget Spinner: The Music Game.” How the fidget spinner became a music game in the form of an app, I have no idea. How does it work? Well, the developers behind the game state “In Fidget Spinner: The Music Game your spinning creates beautiful music with unique ambient musical instruments.” If you want to give it a go, it’s available to download from the Google Play Store. Headphones are recommended for the full audio experience.

Plant Pot, however, isn’t the only game developers turning the fidget spinner into an interactive game. Yang and Jeremiah, the game developers behind, have come up with an online game that puts the fidget spinner front and center. What is The best way to describe it is a combination of fidget spinners + +! If you don’t know what that is, think of it kind of like a version of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Only you’re not trying to fight off waves of aliens with a laser cannon. Rather, the gameplay involves collecting the colorful dots that serve as either fuel or food as you travel across a white grid to increase the spinners RPM. The faster the RPM the stronger the spinner becomes at crushing other spinners. Fidget Spinner Game

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Who are Fidget Spinners for?

Besides the entertainment value fidget spinners provide, they’ve also been touted to positively address some negative experiences many of us face daily. Anxiety, stress, nervousness, and restlessness are some of the modern epidemics many of us face every day. Such small pocket-sized devices like fidget spinners, fidget cubes, fidget pens, and other types of fidget toys have, in a way, shown to be effective at addressing these health and psychological issues.

In addition, however, not only do these “toys” help to relieve stress and reduce anxiety but they also work to positively and constructively aid people with ADHD, Autism, and people with bad habits such as nail biting, table tapping, etc. If you are looking to buy a fidget spinner for yourself, or for someone else, the curated list of the best fidget spinners you can get for a reasonably cheap price should help give you an idea of what’s available and what to look for when buying.

Do Fidget Spinners Really Work?

The global explosion in popularity of fidget spinners has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Anxiety, stress, nervousness, and restlessness are only some of the modern epidemics many of us face every day. To help remedy these issues, small pocket-sized devices like the increasingly popular fidget spinners, fidget cubes, fidget pens, and other types of fidget toys have become a “must-have” toy. Why? Because, remarkably, they work! Even for cats too!

What’s Next for Fidget Spinners?

In a very short period of time, we’ve not only seen fidget spinners explode in popularity like when Pokémon GO was released. But, we’ve also seen them evolve in several ways. We’ve seen multiple variations (like above), different forms of fidgets (i.e. fidget cubes, fidget pens, etc.) and, like Pokémon, fidget spinners are getting another boost in popularity due to games in the form of apps and online games. So, the question then is: what will the next evolution of fidget spinners be? Will we see it enter the world of augmented reality or even virtual reality? What will it look like? Will it re-emerge in a material form or will it be digital? Will we see it as a fashion item or as a new and captivating app? It could be many things but, the question of course is, could it already be in its final form?