7 Free Super Fun Fidget Spinner Games

Fidget Spinner Games

In the short period of time fidget spinners have been around, more than one hundred different spinner variations have emerged. Fidget spinners coated in Gold, and others with a Rainbow skin. Spinners that glow in the dark, and others that have LED lights. This, of course, in addition to the multitude of different shapes and sizes they come in. But, fidget spinners are no longer just a finger spinning device. Thanks to app developers, fidget spinners have taken on a new challenge in the form of a game. And, not just [a] game but a number of super fun digital games. So, if you’re a fan of the fidget spinner or just looking for some burn some time, here’s a list of some of the best and super fun fidget spinner games you can play for free!

The 7 Super Fun Fidget Spinner Games

1. Spinz.io

Starting with Spinz.io, It’s a free browser-based app that can be played on mobile, tablet, and desktop. It’s easy to play but difficult to win. Created by Yang and Jeremiah Spinz.io was first published on June 8, 2017, and have since updated it. This fidget spinner game is a multiplayer game where you play against other online players. The objective is to be the most powerful fidget spinner in the game. How does it work? Before entering the game, you’ll be asked to give yourself a nickname. This becomes your “gamer tag.” Then, you will have the option of going in ‘solo’ or as a ‘team.’

Once you’re in the ‘arena’, the game is fairly simple. Use your mouse, or finger to swipe if you’re on a mobile or tablet, to change the direction of your spinner. Move around to collect as many multi-colored points as you can. The more points you collect the higher your rating becomes, the faster your fidget will spin, and the more powerful you become. Keep track of your progress with the real-time leaderboard at the top right. Play with random online players or challenge your friends to a game.

Spinz.io Fidget Spinner Game

2. Google Spinner

Don’t have a fidget spinner of your own but want to feel the satisfaction of having one? Just search “spinner” in Google. To ‘spin the Google spinner’, either click the “spin” button or click, hold, and drag your mouse (or swipe with your finger) in the direction you want it to spin. Clicking the ‘spin’ button multiple times will increase the speed of the spinner.

Google Fidget Spinner

3. Fidget Spinner Extreme

In Fidget Spinner Extreme, the aim of the game is to get the fastest RPM as possible. You can either challenge yourself or challenge your friends. To begin, you have the option of choosing from four different time limits which are 5, 10, 15, or 30 seconds. The time chosen will be the maximum time to achieve the highest RPM. Next, you will be given the option of choosing your controls. You can choose either ‘keyboard’ or ‘mouse’. Be ready though. Once you choose your controls (keyboard or mouse) the timer starts.

If you choose the keyboard option, use the left or right arrow keys to spin the spinner. The faster you hit the arrow keys the faster the spinner spins. If you choose the mouse option, the same goes. Click the left or right mouse button multiple times as quickly as you can to increase your RPM. Set your own spin record or play against friends. Give it a go for yourself.

Fidget Spinner Extreme Game - Timer
Fidget Spinner Extreme Game - Controls

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4. Fidget Spinner by AGAME

The Fidget Spinner Game from AGAME is another entertaining time buster. Similar to the other fidget spinner games featured here, you play by using either using your mouse to click and drag or by simply swiping in either direction if you are on a mobile or tablet to spin the virtual fidget spinner. The difference with this fidget spinner game is with each spin, depending on how fast you can get the spinner to spin, you will earn coins. You can then use the coins to buy upgrades, like give it what appears to be a lubricant, to make your fidget spin faster so you can earn more coins from each spin.

AGAME Fidget Spinner
AGAME Fidget Spinner - Red

5. The Virtual Fidget Spinner

Online community Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, have developed a fun and free-to-play fidget spinner game. Featured in a video from The Richest channel. While it’s a super simple game to play, I decided to feature it here as it was developed by a 12-year-old developer who goes by the name “blobbyfish123” and, considering the built-in mechanics, for someone to develop this at the age of 12 is pretty impressive.

It’s appropriately called: “Virtual Fidget Spinner!” and fun to play. How to play? Simply use the arrow keys your keyboard to spin the virtual spinner left or right and use your spacebar to change the appearance of your spinner. The game’s reception from the community speaks for itself having already received over 1,100 favorites and 1,400 loves. Give it a go for yourself.

Scratch Fidget Spinner - Red
Scratch Fidget Spinner - Face

6. Fidget Spinner – The Game by Kongregate

The website Kongregate have come up with their own unique version of a fidget spinner game. The game does require Adobe’s Flash Player but aside from that it’s a free to play game and you don’t need to be a Kongregate member to play. The game was developed by a member that goes by the alias “ElectricFruit1” and simply calls it: ‘Fidget Spinner – The Game’ which was first published on May 15, 2017. It’s super fun and easy to play and has already had approximately 15,000 game plays.

You can play the game on either mobile or desktop. Once it’s loaded up you’ll see a fidget spinner with a small black arrow pointing at a larger red arrow. Click (or tap if on mobile) the play button then, once the fidget spinner starts to spin you’ll need to click again once the black arrow fully rotates and meets with the red arrow. If you’re successful, the fidget spinner will speed up and you will gain a point. Also, occasionally after each successful rotation, a gold arrow will show on the right-side. You’ll also need to do the same thing by clicking once the black arrow rotates around to the gold arrow to increase your tokens which you can spend in the shop to buy new fidget spinners.

Kongregate Fidget Spinner
Kongregate Fidget Spinner Shop

7. Samurai Cat Fidget Spinner Game

If a virtual fidget spinner game isn’t enough for you how about one with a bad-ass looking Samurai Cat! This game is similar to the aforementioned game Fidget Spinner Extreme. You will have a total of 10 seconds to rack up as many spins as possible to earn ‘Golden Tickets.’ The Golden Tickets can be used to buy new armor for your Samurai kitty. Take note, however, the armor items get more expensive as you purchase so you will want to use the bonus multipliers to your advantage. More on this below. To play simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click and drag if using your mouse, to spin the fidget spinner to generate as many spins as you can in 10 seconds.

This fidget spinner game, Samurai Cat Spinner, is published by the web platform Poki which boasts more than 30 million users from all over the world. Have a go for yourself and see how quickly you can fully upgrade your Samurai Cat with all new armor. Quick tip: if you keep trying to keep up or increase the speed of the rotations you will earn Golden Ticket multipliers which help to quickly increase the number of Golden Tickets you will earn.

Samurai Cat Spinner - Controls
Samurai Cat Spinner - Score