5 of the Best Fidget Pens You Need to See

Fidget Pens

I still remember a time when I would bite, nibble, or grind my teeth on the plastic end of my pen. I still also remember a time when I’d get my pen back from a “borrower” only to find they too had done it to my pen. Not cool! Unfortunately, for pens, those days are not over. Pens are still the victim of anxious chewing, nervous biting, and stressful gnawing. The good news is, a more constructive and positive alternative is here and they’re labeled as fidget pens.

While the psychological and emotional triggers that drive these behaviors haven’t changed much, the outlet of which people use to help relieve and suppress these feelings has. Sure, fidgets like the fidget spinners and fidget cubes are the big games in town but there are also a number of other fidgets out there that are catering to a slightly different sub-group of people. And, one of those other types of fidgets is the fidget pen.

Like other fidgets, these fidget pens are designed to provide a positive outlet to help relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness, and to help improve focus and concentration. Below I’ve saved you the headache, heartache, and money-ache of getting a dud fidget pen by listing what I think are five of the best quality fidget pens which are worth their weight.

The 5 Latest Fidget Pens You Need to See

1. The New and Improved Silver Fidget Pen

Silver Fidget PenStarting out with the classic silver fidget pen by Hitcake, this new and improved updated version comes with an all new design and upgraded materials. It comes with a “detachable Flexo-Clip” which the seller claims uses “rare earth magnets” which enables you to easily detach and reconnect the clip to the pen. A very useful feature, I find if you like to keep a pen with a notebook.

It also comes with a steel sphere that sits at the top end of the pen and is a fan favorite. The pen feels smooth, comfortable, and not too heavy—despite the materials used. While it’s designed to handle some bend through its flexo-shaft, it also appears to have a fairly firm body shell that helps to prevent the pen from snapping.

The flexo-shaft also provides the satisfaction of a bend through its spring-like resistance. Of course, above all else, this pen can replace your everyday pen and, the ink tubes can be replaced by simply uncapping the top. Here’s how it works.

2. The Black Fidget Pen

Black Fidget Pen

If you’re wanting to go for more of a stealth look, this one is for you. It has all the key features of silver fidget pen in that the pen can bend, comes with a detachable flexo-clip, and a silver magnetic ball that attaches to the top end. Only, it looks elegant in the high-quality black finish. The handle of the pen can be attached with the two small ball magnets. The roller ball on top is also magnetic, meaning you can attach it anywhere to the pen.

If you attach it to the magnetic ball to the top you can spin it around. There is also a spinning piece at the top that spins up and down about an inch. You can connect the bendable piece to it so you can slide the bend up and down. The body of the pen is etched and you can run your finger or nail up and down it for texture fidgeting.

3. The Gold Fidget Pen

Gold Fidget Pen

There’s no getting past how slick this fidget pen looks in gold but, if you look closely, you’ll see there’s more to it. Unlike the previous two fidget pens, the features of this fidget pen are different. This fidget pen comes with detachable magnetic pieces that you can use to form a variety of creative shapes.

The magnetic pieces can be used to create shapes on their own or which attaches to the pen. The sellers behind this fidget pen are so confident you’ll not only like it but that it will last that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty. It also comes in black but, in your hand, there’s something slick about the gold coating. As the pen is both elegant and fun to play with, you might want to be careful around others as this pen tends to find new homes quick.

4. Multi-function Stylus

Multi-function Stylus

Taking the features and functionality to another level, this multifunction stylus is more than just a fidget pen. It’s, well, more functional too. In addition to some the great features of a fidget pen, this multifunction fidget pen also dubs as a stylus for your phone, tablet, and touchscreen PC.

The pen is able to do this through its detachable components. Detachable parts that give you the option of quickly switching to either the pen or the stylus. It comes boxed with a set of 13 magnetic rings and 12p Steel balls. It also comes with two ink cartridges, one blue and one black. Plus it comes with a carry pouch to keep it all in. See it in action below.

5. The Fidget Pen Spinner

Fidget Pen Spinner

I wish they had come up with better names for these but, they are what they are. Last, but certainly not least, is this fidget pen for the spinners. Touted as the “decision maker” this fidget comes as three pieces. The black-ink pen, the cone, and a high-powered magnetic base—which also comes in handy as a paperweight.

The sellers behind this fidget pen call it the “Spin Decision-Making Pen” as it’s designed to do just that. Got a big decision to make? Just attach the middle of the pen to the cone while it sits on the base and give it a spin. Labeled around the outside of the base are Yes, Stay, Try, Go Ahead, No, Buy, Sell, and Give up. While it may not be the ultimatum for all decisions it can certainly help to quickly relieve stress and provide an unbiased non-judgemental second opinion. Plus, it makes for a little fun too!