March 23, 2017

Free Perfectionism Test - Find Out if You're a Perfectionist

Think you're a Perfectionist? Take the Perfectionism test below and test your friends to determine whether or not you're a perfectionist.

How Does the Perfectionism Test Work?

The quiz will show you 10 images that are designed to challenge your attention to detail. Starting with moderately easy, the images get progressively harder to distinguish. Answer the question below each of the 10 images to get your final score. The correct answer will show after your selection. Score 9 or above and you rank amongst the 'Ultimate of Perfectionists'. Ready to find out if you're a perfectionist? Scroll down to start the quiz.

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I'm a Perfectionist...

Found out you're a Perfectionist? Or, perhaps, more of a Perfectionist than you might have thought? Then, depending on how it works for you, it could be either good or bad news. If you scored 9 or 10 and your perfectionist tendencies work well for you—great! Keep using your perfectionism to make life and the people around you better. If, however, the test confirmed you're a perfectionist and you know it doesn't serve you well, then, it might be time to look into it seriously. As beneficial as perfectionism can be, it can also prove to have negative consequences. If this sounds like you and you're ready to find out more, check out our post on overcoming perfectionism.