May 19, 2016

Chakra Pendulums for Healing and Revitalizing Your Chakras

The immense potential power of Chakra Pendulums have been used for centuries as a way to heal, balance, and revitalize the life-force energy that flows through our Chakras to promote mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Find out what the best chakra pendulums are to buy and how they can improve your health and help you make big life decisions.

In India, the use of Chakra Pendulums through Chakra Healing is an ancient practice which dates back thousands of years. Up until recently, the astounding benefits of traditional oriental wisdom and spiritual healing were a mystery to the western world. Now, given the tremendous health and well-being benefits of holistic healing practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Fasting, millions of people in Western nations are now, also, benefiting from Crystal Healing.

Many parts of Europe (i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Spain), the Americas (i.e. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States), Africa (i.e. South Africa), and Oceania (i.e. Australia and New Zealand), for example, are adopting the ancient healing practice of chakras to improve their health and well-being. Today, Eastern practices such as chakra healing which includes the use of chakra stones, chakra candles, and chakra pendulums, have become popular for their holistic approach. A passageway, in a sense, which delivers the complete transformation of an individual's life.
Chakra pendulums have helped many people to attain and rebalance energy deficiencies in their chakras.
According to a study published by the National Institutes Of Health, at least 8% of American adults, or 18 million people, engage in meditation or some form of mind-body practice to improve their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Today, many of these people use chakra pendulums to help facilitate and get the most out of their mind-body practices. A popular healing method well regarded for its ease of use, convenience, and life-changing properties. Along with chakra stones and chakra bracelets, chakra pendulums have helped many people to attain and rebalance energy deficiencies in their chakras. If you are looking for the best chakra pendulums to buy, which is what most people here are looking for, here are my top three picks below.

Recommended Chakra Pendulums

Chakra Stacked Layered Healing Heart Crystal Dowsing Divination Pendulum

This hexagonal and faceted seven-piece stone pendulum is a complete divination tool for activating and balancing all of your seven major chakras. Unlike other chakra pendulums which are made of only one chakra stone, this chakra pendulum is conveniently bonded with seven different chakra stones. It measures between 1 and 1.5 inches long and is suspended at the end of a bespoke 7-inch silver plated copper chain. The seven carefully selected chakra stones are Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Peach Aventurine, and Red Jasper.

For beginners and experienced chakra practitioners alike, this seven stone pendulum is perfectly designed to balance and activate all seven of your main chakras. The seven stones work as follows:

Amethyst: has a purifying, protecting and calming effect on your spirit, and is the ideal stone for activating your Crown Chakra.

Lapis: balances your Brow and Throat Chakra, bringing wisdom, enlightenment, truth and good judgment.

Blue Aventurine: clears stagnant energies in your Third Eye and Throat chakras to enable you to open up to spiritual growth. It also empowers you to express your truth with confidence.

Green Aventurine: rejuvenates your Heart Chakra to heal emotional wounds and traumas. It’s also regarded to help foster better relationships with other people.

Yellow Aventurine: balances the Solar Plexus Chakra which is known to alleviate grief, build confidence, and center your emotions.

Peach Aventurine: rebalances your Sacral Chakra to help you make better decisions while also boosting your creativity.

Red Jasper: rekindles the energy and stamina in your Root Chakra, giving you stability, strength, and grounding.

It's The Complete Pendulum Package

This pendulum’s unique combination of chakra healing stones is one of the best all-around mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation chakra pendulums you can buy. If you are new to chakra healing or are just looking for that one chakra pendulum—this pendulum is ideal. One of the most notable benefits of this dowsing pendulum is that it gives you total chakra healing without the need to buy several specialized pendulums. This chakra pendulum is an effective and yet cost-effective way of healing and balancing your chakras while obtaining a complete chakra divination tool.

What I also like about this chakra pendulum from Divine Products is that when you buy the chakra pendulum, you also get an Oracle Chart and velveteen pouch free and delivered right to your door. You’ll also find the beautifully crafted stacked layers give a subtle and versatile look as a fashion accessory to match with your style.

Lapis Faceted Chakra Pendulum with Satin Bag and Instruction Leaflet for Divination

If freeing yourself from inner doubt, improved inner peace, good judgment, dispelling negative thoughts, and boosting your self-understanding, sounds appealing—this is the chakra stone for you. This uniquely crafted 12 faceted Lapis Lazuli hexagonal dowsing pendulum is one of the finest I’ve come across. It’s made of very good quality materials and well crafted. What’s most notable about it is that, unlike many other outlets (online and offline), this chakra pendulum is made from a genuine deep celestial blue Lapis Lazuli chakra stone. Meaning you will be getting the real deal and not a fake. It is suspended on a 6-inch metal alloy chain with chakra beads and measures 8 inches in total length. Every piece is unique and comes with a satin carry pouch as well as an oracle chart and instruction leaflet.

As one of the most coveted stones for centuries, the Lapis Lazuli is highly regarded for being the best crystal for stimulating the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. The two chakras which represent your energy centers of communication, expression, psychic ability, and higher intelligence. The Lapis pendulum is often used as a divination or dowsing tool to help rejuvenate your Third Eye and Throat Chakras. The powerful effects of Lapis crystal make it the preferred stone for wisdom, truth, spirit, vision, and enlightenment.

Spiritually, Lapis is regarded to have immense protective powers and is often worn to also ward off psychic attacks. This chakra pendulum is also useful to help create and strengthen bonds in relationships by building upon your ability to express your emotions and feelings. Lapis also encourages deeper self-knowledge and honesty with yourself, while bringing compassion to your life.

JOVIVI Beautiful Pendulum Dowsing Chakra Pendant with Chain

If single stone chakra pendants for specialized uses are what you’re looking for, then Jovivi’s ten-piece set is well worth considering. I’ve added these to my top list as the pendulums are all very good quality. The dowsing pendulums are made from carefully selected chakra stones to help balance your chakras and provide chakra healing. What stands out about this ten-piece pendant set, however, is the quality of the chakra stones and the craftsmanship. Each of these chakra healing stones is carefully selected to provide the most powerful chakra healing effects on all seven of your major chakras. This set includes the chakra stones of Natural Amethyst, Natural Rose Quartz, Natural Rock Crystal Quartz, Synthetic Lapis, Red Agate, Opalite, Smoky Quartz, Natural Tiger Eye, and Synthetic Turquoise.

The pendants are attached to the end of a smooth metal alloy chain and measures 43mm by 18mm in size. It fits nicely into the palm of your hand and is a comfortable and convenient size to handle during divination or meditation. Furthermore, the pendants vibrant colors make them look beautiful and stylish and the collection comes packaged in an easy to carry black velvet bag.

Having this complete chakra dowsing set is also a convenient way of healing your specific chakras as the need arises. Having the full set will allow you to switch between the pendants to concentrate healing on one or more of your chakra energy centers. For example, if your life is unstable and in need of grounding, wearing the Red Agate pendant will bring grounding and strength to stabilize your life. Or, if you are going through emotional upheavals of a broken relationship, you will benefit immensely from the healing effects of using the Rose Quartz. Whichever area of your life you want to heal and improve upon, this ten-piece collection should have what you need and at a very good price

Understanding Your Chakras

The term Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates to "discs" or "wheels of energy." We all have seven major chakras located in specific areas of our body. Each of which is connected to our endocrine system and responsible for channeling life energy (also known as Prana, Chi, or Qi). The seven major chakras are located at different points on a vertical axis from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Energy currents flow through the chakras in both an upward and downward direction, creating transcendence and manifestation throughout your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual being.<

[su_pullquote align="right"]The life force that flows or does not flow through our chakras influences every facet of our life.[/su_pullquote]

This life force energy spins the wheel of the chakra it is flowing through as it moves onto the next, effectively influencing every facet of your life. Every chakra can, therefore, be visualized as a swirling wheel of life-giving energy which enlivens all living things. This is why your chakras must be kept aligned, open, and fluid for a healthy life. Chakras blocked by negative energy, traumatic experiences, restrictive habits, and cultural inhibitions, for example, can severely disrupt the balance and harmony we need for good well-being.

Blocked Chakras

It's often evident when chakra blockages occur as they tend to manifest themselves as signs of physical and mental illness, emotional instability, lack of spiritual enlightenment, and failure to achieve ambitions. Health issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic tiredness, allergies, and hypertension, for example, are illnesses and diseases associated with blocked and unbalanced chakras according to Reiki Master Rinku Patel. Similarly, failed relationships and inability to love oneself, or others, are symptoms of dormant chakras. As such, the life difficulties you may be experiencing will trace back to a subdued life force energy which must be revitalized and purified. In essence, the purpose of chakra healing is to remove energy blockages to better activate your chakras, and revitalizing your life force energy. Only then, you will achieve becoming the most radiant, vibrant, and healthy version of yourself.

What are Chakra Pendulums?

Chakra pendulums commonly have chakra stones (or chakra crystals) suspended from a point, by chain, wire, or string. They are a powerful tool you can use to detect and affect vibrational energy around you. Many people use chakra pendulums for chakra energy healing to restore balance and revitalize the energy that moves through the chakras. Many people regard the use of chakra pendulums as the center of the most effective mind-body practice for chakra healing. Chakra pendulums are known to be a popular healing method due to its ease of use, convenience, and life-changing properties. Along with chakra stones, chakra bracelets, and chakra candles, chakra pendulums help many people to quickly find and rebalance energy deficiencies in their chakras.

The stone can be hung from a precious metal chain such as gold or silver, or any other material. A chakra pendulum may contain one crystal targeted at a particular chakra, or a combination of chakra stones stacked together (like the stacked chakra stone above). If you are wanting to reactivate, align, and balance all seven of your major chakra energy centers at the same time, a stacked chakra pendulum is best for this. When choosing your chakra pendulum, keep in mind that chakra crystals have a specific vibrational frequency that is aligned with each of your chakras. The color and frequency of a crystal are matched with that of the corresponding chakra energy center. Therefore, by using a chakra pendulum with a particular crystal, the pendulum becomes a very powerful tool for influencing and revitalizing your chakras.

How do Chakra Pendulums Work?

Throughout history, pendulums have been used as tools to detect water, oil, gold, and other valuable resources with great accuracy. In fact, Scientists, Healers, Astronomers, and Spiritual gurus, have been known to use pendulums for over a millennium. Scientists, for example, have used pendulums to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth, measure time, and also measure gravity. This has made all types of pendulums, including those used in chakra healing, an intrinsic part of human wisdom and knowledge for thousands of years. So how do chakra pendulums work?

If a chakra pendulum is pushed or pulled, it will rotate or swing as gravity and other forces act on its motion. However, if held completely still at a fixed point, the chakra pendulum will subtlety move on its own as it detects the vibrational energies around it. When held above any of our seven major chakra energy centers, the motion of the pendulum will reveal the direction and intensity of the life force energy in each chakra. This will, in turn, indicate if there is balance, imbalance, blockages, or inactivity in any of the seven chakras. This makes chakra pendulums an effective diagnostic tool for chakra balancing, activation, and revitalization. It is this power of chakra pendulums to detect, react to, and influence vibrational energy around us, which makes them powerful healing tools.

What are Chakra Pendulums Made Of?

The main feature of any chakra pendulum is the chakra crystal or crystals used. The type of chakra pendulum you choose to use should depend on the chakras you want to work on. For example, if healing emotional wounds, overcoming traumas, or fostering better relationships is important to you—choose a chakra pendulum with the Green Aventurine crystal. If energy, stamina, strength, and grounding is what you want more of then, choose a chakra pendulum with Red Jasper.

While most good quality chakra pendulums will hang the crystal with a precious metal chain such as silver or gold, any other string-like material can work too. When you look around, you will find many chakra pendulums are made of different chakra crystals. A chakra pendulum, for instance, may contain one crystal targeted at a particular chakra, or a combination of chakra stones stacked together. Many people find it convenient to buy a chakra pendulum with multiple crystals to reactivate, align, and balance all seven of the major chakra energy centers.

What are Chakra Pendulums Used For?

Chakra pendulums can be used for several different purposes, most of which fall into the categories if identifying, healing, and revitalizing. If you are already practicing energy healing through various methods such as meditation, yoga, healing courses, and fasting, chances are not all of your chakras will be fully activated. Knowing which ones need focus is one way a chakra pendulum can be of use. Using a chakra pendulum can also help you tune into your powers of intuition. It acts as a receiver and transmitter of vibrational energy and moves in different directions in response to your questions. Chakra pendulums will, therefore, help you to figure out the state of your chakras, which allows you to focus your healing practices on those chakras that need attention the most.

Chakra pendulums can also be used to:
  • Detect and diagnose chakra blockages and energy deficiencies.
  • Indicate energy quality at each of your chakras.
  • Identify allergies and other ailments.
  • Heal health problems.
  • Help amplify energy flow through your chakras.
  • Clear and dispel negative energy.
  • Clear and balance your aura.
  • Make the right choices in your relationships or career.
  • Help with life-changing decisions.
Without the help of a chakra pendulum, it may be difficult for inexperienced practitioners to remain in-tune with their life force energy. Making it difficult to detect changes, variations, or blockages within their chakra energy system. As a result, this makes it virtually impossible to fully balance and revitalizing your chakras for healthy living and success. As such, chakra pendulums act like your North Star, pointing you in the right direction as you traverse your cosmic journey. For beginners and experienced energy healing practitioners alike, chakra pendulums are a must-have amulet for achieving transcendental energy healing.

How to Buy a Chakra Pendulum

Buying a chakra pendulum is not as difficult as it may seem, even if you are new to chakra healing. Albeit, when buying a chakra pendulum, the first step should be to have a basic understanding of how the chakra mind-body energy system works. It's worth taking the time to understand how each chakra affects different areas of your life (i.e. your emotions, thoughts, and spirituality) and which crystals are associated with each chakra. Because once you have identified which chakra is responsible for the area of your life you want to work on, you can then buy a pendulum that matches it. Here are a couple of tips you can use when buying a chakra pendulum.

1. Make it Match

The first step to buying a chakra pendulum is to match it with the area of your life you want to work on. Not all chakra pendulums are for everyone. We all have different chakras which need various amounts of attention. Your choice of chakra pendulum(s) is, therefore, individual to you and your desires. For example, if you want to raise your level of consciousness, spiritual awareness, and enlightenment, a good match is to a chakra pendulum with an Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, or Diamond crystal.

Another example is if you want to increase your personal power, be more confident, and more independent, then having a chakra pendulum with Citrine, Malachite, Calcite, Topaz, or Yellow Sapphire crystals is the ideal match. If you have more than one chakra you want to work on, as many people do, a chakra pendulum with multiple crystals is best or multiple pendulums with different crystals.

2. Is One Enough?

When choosing to buy a chakra pendulum, you shouldn't restrict yourself to just one pendulum. More often than not, at different points of your life, you will need other pendulums to heal your other chakras. The chakra pendulums you choose, are often the pendulums you will keep for the rest of your life. So it's important to choose pendulums that will serve you not for just now but also into your future.

Remember, each pendulum will influence a different facet of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. So if you want to go with a stacked pendulum, consider also pendulums for the chakras you want to strengthen most. If you decide to go with multiple specialized pendulums, this is also a good choice as it will focus life force energy through particular chakras. Whichever pendulums you choose to buy, ensure you have the right ones for the chakras you want to heal, balance, and revitalize.

How to Cleanse Your Chakra Pendulum

The first thing you should do when you get your chakra pendulum is to cleanse, purify, and charge it before using it. In most cases, the chakra stoned used would have already been handled before it got to you. Your chakra pendulum must also be cleansed before it can be charged. Therefore, it's important to do this first to ensure your pendulum is responsive and linked to your energy in order to bring out its full potential. This should also be done every day to ensure your pendulum works correctly and delivers the desired energy healing you want. Once the pendulum feels light, then the cleansing is complete. If it feels weighty, however, repeat the process until it's cleansed. Here are some of the best ways of cleansing your pendulum.
  • Expose it to direct sunlight and where it cannot be disturbed (e.g. on a window sill).
  • Expose it to direct moonlight on a clear night.
  • Bury it in the Earth.
  • Wash in water with sea salt.
  • Hold the pendulum in your hand and blow gently.
  • Hold the pendulum in your hand and focus on your purpose or intent.
  • Pass the pendulum through incense smoke as you chant or say a prayer.

How to Charge Your Chakra Pendulum

There are several ways to charge your pendulum, some of which are the same as cleansing, therefore, having a dual purpose. Here are are some of the best ways to charge your pendulum.
  • Expose it to direct sunlight and where it cannot be disturbed (e.g. on a window sill).
  • Expose it to direct moonlight on a clear night.
  • Surround it with Amethyst or Citrine stones (natural replenishing stones).
Once your pendulum has been cleansed and charged, the next step is to "set a clear intention for what the stone is to be used for" as suggested by AnneMarie. To do this, choose a time of day when you are relaxed and free of distractions. Take a deep breath and calm your mind as you concentrate on your intent and purpose. Hold the pendulum in your Power Hand and focus all your energies on it. Imagine your energies as a white light spiraling with positive intent into your pendulum. Once you feel the pendulum 'vibrating' with energy, place it aside and let it absorb the positive energy.  When not in use, keep the pendulum in a soft velvet bag or wrap it in a cloth before storing it away in a drawer or shelf.

How to do Energy Healing Using a Chakra Pendulum

Learning how to do energy healing using a chakra pendulum is easy and straightforward. In fact, anyone can learn how to use a chakra pendulum. The most important prerequisite when learning to use a chakra pendulum is to have an open mind and belief in chakra energy healing. This means to cast aside any doubts you may have and to be as relaxed as possible. As you become more accustomed to the practice, you will become more at ease allowing better flow of energy throughout your body. Here are three simple steps you can follow for energy healing using your pendulum.

Step 1.

Hold the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger so that the chakra stone is suspended. If your pendulum has a loop or chain, hold your pendulum at this point. When holding your pendulum, use whichever hand feels most comfortable to you. The pendulum chain should not be too long or too short, but of the just the right length to allow the pendulum to swing freely on its own. Rest your elbow on a comfortable surface and use your other hand to set the pendulum in a still position. Keep still and relaxed to allow the pendulum to move on its own. It should then take only a few seconds to start to rotating or swinging in any direction on its own.

Step 2.

Establish a baseline with obvious questions. Ask your pendulum to show you a Yes or No response. For example, ask questions such as: Am I alive? Am I at my home? Is it Wednesday? This will help you determine the Yes and No responses from your pendulum depending on the direction of its swing or rotation. At first, the responses may be very subtle. So watch the pendulum carefully and repeat the exercise several times. Keep in mind that the yes or no responses might change over time, especially if someone else uses or touches your pendulum.

Step 3.

Once you are confident of your pendulum's responses, you may go ahead and consult it on the important decisions you need to make in your life. Ask questions that elicit a Yes or No answer. For example, you could ask your pendulum questions such as: "Should I change jobs?", "Should I buy the house?", "Should I marry this person?" etc. With time, you can also use your chakra pendulum to find lost objects, pets, or to divine financial or relationship matters. As you become more accustomed to using your pendulum for divination or as a dowsing tool you will find that you will turn to it more often. You will find your pendulum will not only heal, balance, and revitalize your chakras but also be indispensable during your decision-making process.

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Stay in Control of Your Chakra Pendulum

With the many challenges we face each day, and the power of chakra pendulums, it's easy to want to use your chakra pendulum, like an all-knowing Seer. To see everything, and to fix everything. Your chakra pendulums carry with it immense potential healing power. However, always keep in mind that the purpose of your pendulum is to guide and assist you in your cosmic journey. Not to replace all your decision-making faculties!

This means, despite the healing power and usefulness of chakra pendulums, do not let it control your entire life and make every decision for you. Chakra pendulums, like any healing stone or object, should be used wisely. Consulting your pendulum for even the mundane of decisions diminishes its influence and healing power in your life. If you need to consult the pendulum, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Is this an important and life-changing decision for me?
  2. Do I need help to arrive at the right decision?
  3. Do I believe the pendulum will assist me in making the right decision?
If your answer to all the three questions is Yes, then you should use your chakra pendulum. Above all else, remember, if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable using your pendulum, postpone the session until you can focus all your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies on it.