February 18, 2016

How to Achieve Your Dreams Faster than You Thought Possible

Start living your dreams sooner through 2 simple yet highly motivating steps. In this article, you'll learn to discover the hidden forces within you and how to achieve your dreams.

Dreaming big starts when we're small. Since childhood, many of us have harbored big dreams but kept them secret. Maybe you believed your dreams were unrealistic. Maybe they seemed so big you were embarrassed to say them aloud. Maybe you have no clue how to achieve your dreams, so you never even started trying. Whatever your reasons, one thing is certain: if you don’t believe in and take action towards your own dreams, they will never become a reality.

In part one of this three-part series, you'll learn how to achieve your dreams by gaining insight into yourself and then, using that fresh insight, to take action. Here we'll talk you through some strategies you can use to take your biggest, wildest, audacious dreams and turn them into clear and actionable goals. First, though, let's briefly chat about the importance of dreaming big!

Why Dreaming Big is Important

Our dreams, the hopes, and aspirations we desire most can define us and the lives we live. They can represent our greatest achievements or, leave us with bitter regret.
Our dreams are the roadmaps to figuring out our direction and purpose.
When you have a dream, you have an idea of where you would like to go. It's when you know where you want to go, can you then devise a viable plan to get you there.

Without dreams and goals, we are basically wandering through life like a traveler without a destination. As Lewis Carroll once said:
"If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there."
Some people have an easier time envisioning exactly where they want to go in life than others. If you’re one of those people, that's awesome! For others, though, it can be tough. If you struggle explaining what your dreams are, it simply means you're yet not crystal clear on them. Before you can get into transforming your dreams into real-life goals, it’s important to first look within yourself and ask; "what do I really want?" or "what is it that I'm really looking for?"

How to Achieve Your Dreams in Two Steps

1. Clarify Your Dreams

To successfully achieve your dreams in life, you must envision exactly, in detail, where it is you want to go. Without knowing what a satisfactory or fulfilling life looks and feels like to you, how will you know when you've gotten there? Exactly. You wouldn't know. But you can.

Right now, get absolutely clear. Pinpoint on your life map exactly where it is you want to go. Is it to Hawaii? The Olympics? The Moon? If your big hairy audacious goal (b-hag) is not a destination per se then maybe your dream might be to experience something, do something, have something, or become someone.

Whatever it might be, the point is, you need to decide and get diamond clear on exactly what it is you want. If you're not sure what your big dream is, think about what aligns with your beliefs and passions. Ask yourself: "what makes my heart sing?"

2. Discover Your Personal Values

Your personal values are the beliefs and principles that drive your life. Your values influence the type of job you get, the person you date, and even how you spend your money. Discovering yourself and the values you hold by asking yourself the following questions:
  • What topics are you passionate about and enjoy talking about with others? What gets your fired up about these topics?
  • If your house caught fire and was being engulfed in flames, and all living things were safely outside, what 3 things would you rescue?
  • If you could change something about your local community, what would it be?
  • If you could change one thing in this world what would it be? Why would you choose this?
  • If you were able to listen in at your funeral, what would you want people to say about you? What do you think they would say? How can you bridge the gap between what you want to be said and what would actually be said?
After you answer these questions, review them for any recurring themes. Do any beliefs or principles stand out to you? There should be. Write out a summary describing what you have learned by finishing this statement:

"The purpose of my life is to…"

Be as descriptive as you can. Chances are, if you work through things in this way, you’ll soon figure out your big picture dreams. You’ll uncover the kind of things that have real meaning to you. The very things you need, to achieve your dreams.

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It's Go Time

Dreams not only serve as a way for us to imagine the endless possibilities of life but also to help you recognize where exactly you want to go. Whether we know it or not, our dreams influence many of our life decisions. It's the actions we take that ultimately determine whether we fail or succeed.

For now, take the time to gain insight into your personal values you can then start envisioning (and planning) a life that aligns with those values. In Part 2 of this series, we'll take you through an effective goal setting process to help keep you motivated while you work to fulfill them.