Chakra Bracelets for Healing Your 7 Chakras

Chakra Bracelets

Chakra Bracelets are based on yogic traditions and practices. Matters which describe the chakras as a manifestation of spiritual energies responsible for our health and general well-being. The term Chakras is a Sanskrit word which means “wheels of energy.” The Chakras represents seven major energy centers” located along our nerve ganglia. These energy centers reside from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Although the chakras cannot be seen or felt, they are powerful centers that channel the life force energy. This energy is what is believed to control our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Chakra bracelets, therefore, are used to revitalize and activate your chakras. Although the chakras cannot be seen or felt, they are powerful centers that channel the life force energy that controls our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Using a chakra bracelet is one of the many ways you can restore balance and energy to your energy centers. The seven chakras are composed of nerve bundles and major organs. They represent psychological, mental, and emotional states of being. When any chakra is stagnant and energy flow through it is limited, it creates imbalances in our lives. Our chakras must, therefore, be kept open at all times to allow the constant flow of energy through all seven chakras.

The Seven Major Chakras

Each of us is believed to have many chakras. Vortex-like energy centers which resemble spinning discs of energy across and within our auric and physical body. Amongst all our chakras, however, there are believed to be seven major chakras (psychic energy centers). There are two currents of life force energy that flows through the chakras. Each of which spins through each wheel moving onto the next. One is the upward current of transcendence. This current begins from the base chakra at the bottom of the spine. It then travels to the seventh or crown chakra at the top of the head. The other current flows in the opposite direction and constitutes a downward current of manifestation.

Each chakra influences or controls a particular sphere of our lives. This includes our emotions, sexual life, mentality, and physical health. As such, any disruption in the balance of the chakras will be evident in the facet of life where that particular chakra is dominant. For example, a blocked heart chakra will manifest as broken or poor relationships and an inability to love yourself or others. Therefore, keeping your chakras activated and balanced is key to great mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. However, experiences such as childhood traumas, cultural conditioning or restrictive behavior can block your chakras and create an imbalance in your life force energy. In fact, most of the negative aspects of your life such as depression, anxiety, failed relationships or financial troubles are signs of blocked or inactive chakras. It is this understanding of chakra energy centers that has revolutionized how we heal and rejuvenate our minds and bodies for a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle.

What are Chakra Bracelets?

Chakra bracelets have been worn in India for thousands of years. Although they look like normal bracelets, they have special powers that can bestow calmness, spirituality, good health, and success. Chakra bracelets can be made from a host of different materials. They include colored beads, crystals, sandalwood, mala beads, and so much more. On the other hand, bracelets with crystals that correspond to each chakra center are the most ideal. This is because Chakra Stones (or Chakra Crystals) have a unique vibrational frequency that is aligned with each chakra. Placing precious stones or metals close to the skin is an ancient practice believed to rebalance your life force energy. This increases the power of your chakra bracelet for greater healing. For those with busy schedules, wearing chakra bracelets adorned with chakra crystals or stones can rebalance your chakras in a convenient and easy way. Today, chakra bracelets have become popular not only for their healing power but also for their beauty, style and fashion qualities.

What are Chakra Bracelets Made of?

Chakra bracelets can be designed in different ways using several types of materials. However, the basic principle is to wear the crystal in close and comfortable contact with the skin. Wearing the bracelet on the wrist allows the transfer of energy from the stones onto the body to influence and revitalize your chakras. These bracelets can be made with one or more stones, and are commonly designed with crystals for each of the seven chakras.

Chakra bracelets can also be infused with gold, silver or other precious metals. They are a fashion statement as well and can be made to match your style and outfits. However, the color of your bracelet is very specific. This is because it corresponds very closely to its associated chakra and its sphere of influence. What’s most important to remember is the combination of colors on the bracelet. Chakra bracelets are made to represent seven colors of the rainbow that correspond to the seven chakra energy centers.

Each of these colors is intended to influence the energy vortex in a particular chakra center. Aside from the colors of the bracelet, the process of cleansing and energizing a chakra bracelet is what gives it its special powers. A Chakra bracelet that has not undergone this process will not work. A well-designed bracelet not only gives you spiritual, mental and physical healing but also helps you look chic and fashionable.

How Chakra Bracelets Work

Aside from yoga and meditation, chakra healing can be done through the use of chakra stones and crystals. This is because every chakra has a specific vibrational frequency and color, which corresponds to the color and frequency of particular crystals. Each chakra has its own color that is associated with those of the rainbow. It is this color scheme and the vibrational frequency of the crystals that are used to pair each chakra with particular stones in your chakra bracelet.

Due to this, the crystals have the ability to influence your chakras through their vibrational frequency that is closely aligned to each individual chakra. For example, rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra, while diamonds resonate with the third eye chakra. These crystals emit energy which can activate and revitalize the associated chakra. Placing chakra crystals near your energy centers will recalibrate your chakra’s vibrational frequency for better health and well-being. Crystals in chakra bracelets, therefore, make taking care of your chakras convenient and hassle-free.

Another way in which chakra bracelets influence your aura and life force energy is by focusing your mind and emotions on positivity. They act as a positive distraction from distressing situations. Wearing a bracelet is a constant reminder of which areas of your life need healing and improvement. This is a meditative function of the bracelet that can have a huge impact on how you deal with difficult memories or traumatic events. The bracelet will, therefore, shift your focus from negative events and feelings, and help you be more positive.

Chakra bracelets are simple to use and do not require much effort or practice as compared to yoga or meditation. If you are new to chakra healing, these bracelets are perfect for achieving great mental, emotional and psychological stability within a short period of time. However, they are also ideal for use alongside yoga, meditation, and other chakra healing practices.

How to Cleanse and Activate Your Chakra Bracelet

As alluded to earlier, what makes a chakra bracelet special and powerful is the unique combination of colors, crystals, and most importantly, activating and energizing your bracelet. Once you obtain your bracelet, you must cleanse and activate it before use. Here are the cleansing and activation steps you need to follow.

  1. Place your bracelet under the sun or full moon for several hours to cleanse it. This should be done often and especially after use.2. Place the bracelet on the soil or alternatively, on the branches of a healthy houseplant for one day.
  2. Place the bracelet on soil or alternatively, on the branches of a healthy houseplant for one day.3. Cleanse the bracelet by placing it on another chakra stone such as Quartz or selenite for at least six hours.
  3. Cleanse the bracelet by placing it on another chakra stone such as Quartz or selenite for at least six hours.4. Hold your chakra bracelet over the smoke of a burning Palo Santo or sage stick until it becomes
  4. Hold your chakra bracelet over the smoke of a burning Palo Santo or sage stick until it becomes still.
  5. Activate you bracelet: This can be done by setting your intentions by holding the bracelet in your hands while sitting quietly. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intentions. Once activated, you should be able to feel the vibrations and energy of your chakra bracelet.

Benefits of Chakra Bracelets

Chakra bracelets have numerous benefits when worn regularly. What makes them so popular is their ease of use, especially if you cannot spare time for yoga, meditation and other time-consuming practices that activate your chakras. Wearing a chakra bracelet regularly will make you feel:

  • Cleansed and Purified: Chakra bracelets will draw out all the negative thoughts and feelings inside you. They will also dispel negativity from the air and environment around you, as well as cleanse and purify your aura. Additionally, your chakra bracelet will instill positivity in you by releasing positive energy to purify your thoughts, senses, and feelings. You will feel refreshed and optimistic throughout the day.
  • Rejuvenated: When your chakras are blocked, you end up feeling tired, sluggish, and lethargic due to lack of positive energy. A blocked chakra does not allow for the smooth flow of life force energy through the seven chakras. Chakra bracelets can eliminate these energy blockages which will result in revitalization and rejuvenation. This will motivate you and spur you to achieve your ambitions in life.
  • Balanced and Grounded: Chakra crystals in your bracelet produce a steady vibrational frequency that resonates with every chakra. This has a calming effect on your emotions and thoughts. The result is a balanced mind, lack of anxiety in your thoughts, stable emotions, and a calm aura around you. Your chakra bracelet will, therefore, keep you balanced and grounded, especially when going through tough times.
  • Enlightened: If you are looking for enlightenment in your life, then you will benefit from the spiritual energy that emanates from your chakra bracelet.
  • Safe: Chakra bracelets infused with protective crystals such as Lapis Lazuli, Golden Obsidian or Black Onyx can make you feel secure, protected and safe when in distressful or intimidating environments.

How to Buy Chakra Bracelets

Buying chakra bracelets is simple if you know what to look for. Every bracelet comes in colors and crystals of a particular color related to the chakras. However, you may opt to choose a bracelet that has a combination of chakra stones so as to rebalance several chakras. What is most important is to identify the areas of your life that need improvement or resolution. For example, if you have problems with setting and realizing your goals, then your crown chakra is blocked or inactive. To revitalizing it, select a chakra bracelet that contains clear quartz or diamond to help you visualize and achieve your dreams. Finally, pay careful attention to the effect your chakra bracelet has on your emotional, mental and physical well-being. This requires self-examination and reliance on your intuition. If a bracelet feels right, then stick with it. If not, opt for a different color and crystals.

Where to Buy Chakra Bracelets

Chakra bracelets are widely available from stores specializing in chakra therapy. Most major cities around the world should have these you can buy from. Jewellery stores, for instance, and other antique shops that deal with crystals may have them. If you cannot find a store near you, simply go online and search for chakra bracelets. You may opt to buy them online and have them delivered to you for your convenience. Most online stores also have plenty of useful guides on chakra bracelets, including their meaning and use. This information will help you decide what type of bracelet is best for you depending on the area of your life you wish to focus on.

How to Make Your Own Chakra Bracelet

If you cannot find a store near you, you may choose to make your own chakra bracelet. They are easy to make as long as you understand the basic concept behind their design and the meaning of each material. Making your own bracelet is a great way to get involved in your healing as well as to gain a deeper understanding of your chakras. Follow these easy steps to make your own bracelet:

  1. Go online or get a book and read about the different chakra energy centers and how they correspond to different chakra stones and colors.
  2. Follow online buying guides from your selected store to purchase one crystal for each of the seven chakra centers. You may also find chakra beads at a local art and crafts store.
  3. Thread a stretchy string through each of the seven stones. Start with the root chakra stone until you complete the bracelet with the crown chakra stone. They will form a round rainbow pattern.
  4. Tie the string in a knot an use jewelry glue to seal it. Your bracelet is now complete
  5. You may opt to use sandalwood beads as spacers to lengthen the bracelet depending on the size of your wrist. Sandalwood is ideal for calming, relaxing, and meditative focus.

If you are not sure which stones to choose from, try this 7 stone combination: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Aventurine.

Lotus New Beginnings Hematite Stack Bracelet Set

This is an immaculately designed bracelet set in 7 different chakra stone combinations. The design features a lotus pendant on the bracelet, which signifies a new beginning, good future, purity, creation, eternity, and positive energy. Each of the 7 bracelets consists of a unique pairing of chakra crystals or lava rock, with hematite to activate and balance a particular chakra center. Hematite provides a protective shield around you to dispel negative energy.

Every bracelet measures 7.08″ in diameter made from lead and nickel free metal alloy. These bracelets are made not just for chakra healing, but to match with your fashion style and look chic for all occasions. The bracelets are in the following seven bespoke chakra crystals combinations:

  • White Jade, Hematite, and Lava rock for peace, harmony, grounding, dispelling negative energy, and for a calming effect.
  • Amethyst and lava for balancing the crown chakra for greater spiritual awareness, wisdom, and a higher understanding.
  • Aqua Jasper and hematite for protection, wisdom, nurturing energy, and courage.
  • Malachite, hematite, and lava for protection, grounding, and absorption of negative energy from around you.
  • Purple fluorite, hematite, and lava rock for reactivating the third eye chakra. It provides better memory, concentration, psychic awareness and aids in weight loss.
  • Lapis Lazuli, hematite, and lava for balancing the throat and brow chakras. It allows for better communication, mystic insights, protection, wisdom, and truth.
  • Jasper, Aventurine, and hematite for wealth, success and good fortune.

This bracelet set comes in a box and lotus message card making a gift-ready package. Get yours today for $16.99 and enjoy free shipping and a no questions asked money back guarantee on every purchase.


Designed to rejuvenate your solar plexus chakra, this Tiger eye beaded bracelet is the perfect meditative tool for those seeking to release their fears and anxiety. The bracelet further comes with an Om and Buddha figures to increase your meditative focus and awareness.

This stylish beaded chakra bracelet is made with a stretchable band to fit most female and male wrist sizes. Every bracelet is beautifully crafted with Tiger’s Eye chakra stone and chakra beads and comes with a soft flax pouch for easy storage. Included is a lucky red string bracelet as well as a message card.

The beaded bracelet is aimed at bringing out courage and confidence in you. Tigers eye crystal will inspire you to take action without fear or emotional encumbrances. It also bestows peace and harmony for a calmer and stable personality.
This chakra bracelet is now available at a highly discounted price of $24.98 which includes free shipping and money back guarantee.

Gemstone and Mala Beads Chakra Bracelet

These are bespoke chakra healing bracelets made from semi-precious gemstones and Tibetan Mala prayer beads. Each bracelet can also double up as a prayer necklace. Get the entire collection or chakra specific bracelet depending on your energy healing and meditation requirements.

Crafted to look elegant and chic, these bracelets are an ideal healing as well as a fashion accessory. Green Aventurine, Imperial Jasper, Carnelian, and Howlite make up the gemstone options. Each bracelet also comes with 108 Mala prayer beads for meditation, as well as a guru bead and tassel.

The beads and stones are threaded through an elastic cord which measures 29 inches in diameter. This versatile design allows you to wear the piece either as a wrap bracelet or necklace. Each bracelet comes in a soft velvet pouch with a message card.

The beaded gemstone bracelet is crafted to activate different chakra energy centers depending on the gemstone, for better physical, mental and spiritual balance. Furthermore, the prayer beads are perfect for chanting your meditative mantra. The porous lava beads can also absorb essential oils and allow you to enjoy the healing effects of aromatherapy.

Get a beaded gemstone chakra bracelet today for a hugely discounted price of $15.97 with the option of a hassle-free 100% money back return.

Mens Bracelet Semi-Precious Natural Stones Onyx or Hematite Handmade Charity bracelets

These stylish handcrafted bracelets are made with a greater purpose in mind. The desire to do good inspired these products, and every bracelet you purchase will contribute $5 to our partner Hand 4 Others, a non-profit that builds sustainable water supplies for rural villages in Africa.Crafted as a man’s chakra healing bracelet, every piece is made of matte black Onyx or gunmetal hematite and aqua glass cat eye beads. One blue bead represents the water that will be donated to Africa. The design concept is straight out of the LA fashion scene, making the bracelet an eye-catching fashion trend.

Crafted as a man’s chakra healing bracelet, every piece is made of matte black Onyx or gunmetal hematite and aqua glass cat eye beads. One blue bead represents the water that will be donated to Africa. The design concept is straight out of the LA fashion scene, making the bracelet an eye-catching fashion trend.

The beads are threaded through a durable elastic measuring 6.5″-8″ in diameter for a comfortable fit. Each bracelet comes in an eco-friendly cotton bag, with an option of stainless or crystal styles as well.

Aside from the humanitarian contribution, this bracelet is an ideal chakra rejuvenating tool. Hematite and black Onyx provide grounding, stability, and security while keeping you physically energized. Get your charity bracelet for just $21.95 and do good while balancing your root chakra.Gems of Peace – Red & Black Agate Stone Dzi Beads Yoga Meditation Buddha OM Bracelets

Gems of Peace – Red & Black Agate Stone Dzi Beads Yoga Meditation Buddha OM Bracelets

These agate stone and Dzi beads bracelets are handcrafted with style and purpose. As the protective stone with a calming, grounding, and inspiring effect, these agate bracelets are ideal for bringing stability and confidence in every aspect of your life.

The agate stone and Buddha meditation bracelets as made from Dzi beads, red and black agate chakra stones. The stones and beads are threaded through an elastic and stretchable strand to allow for a comfortable fit for both men and women. They also have an Om and Buddha figure to give you greater inspiration and focus as you meditate. Each bracelet is packed in a soft high-quality flax pouch, together with a card and special gift!Wearing this bracelet during meditation, while

Wearing this bracelet during meditation, while travelling, or working will provide protection, emotional stability, and maturity in your decision-making processes. The powerful energies of agate will instil greater self-confidence and belief, and prevent you from making impulsive choices. It’s a great healing tool for stabilizing your life.

Get one today for just $21.97 and receive a free special gift.

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Balancing and activating your chakras can lead to a healthy, balanced and successful life. Wearing a chakra bracelet is the simplest and most convenient method for revitalizing your chakras. They are easy to obtain and can be worn to match with your personal style and fashion preferences. No matter your needs, remember that a chakra bracelet, even when activated and cleansed, will not work if you do not believe in the healing process. Keep an open mind and focus your energy on your healing, then let your chakra bracelet do the rest.