Image: Vitaly/Unsplash 21 Ways On How To Manifest Money Into Your Life

21 Ways On How To Manifest Money Into Your Life

Learning how to manifest money isn’t as difficult as you might think. In-fact, whether you know it or not, you are already manifesting the reality of your financial situation. The trouble is most of us are manifesting money negatively as opposed to positively which is a big reason why we don’t have as much of it as we want.

We’ve all had thoughts of wanting, needing, and wishing we had more money. The trouble is many of us don’t allow the help of the Universe to give us what we want. If we did, we would probably all have what we want by now. So what’s stopping us? More specifically, what is stopping you from getting what you want? Do you know? It’s a simple question but, for many people, it’s one that is complicated to answer. What most people don’t know is that manifesting money is not rocket science. Neither is it fictional. There are two parts to manifesting more money into your life. The first is to learn how to manifest money into your life. Here you will learn 21 how-to ways of manifesting more money into your life that work. It will be up to you to adopt the ways that work for you.

The second part is to form a habit of consistently using the techniques that work for you. That is, of course, once you believe and understand how the process works. By forming a daily habit of using these techniques, you will increase your chances of manifesting the wealth you desire. Truly materializing money into your life requires much more than wishful thinking. Manifesting money, successfully, involves transforming the paradigm that is preventing you from attracting that form of energy into your life.

According to Law of Attraction specialist Nathalie Guerin, manifesting money requires two key components.

  • Changing your core belief structures.
  • Transforming your attitude towards money.

For manifestation to work, you must, therefore, do two things. (1) Believe you are the author of your life, the master of your destiny, and the creator of your world. (2) Change your Attitude of money to one that attracts money into your life. More on this later. In addition to the mindset required above, pick and choose from the 21 ways on how to manifest money below. Use what works for you and form a daily habit to attract the money you want into your life.

How to Manifest Money

1. Declare. What and When.

To attract any amount of money into your life, you must first and foremost know how much you want. Be absolutely clear about the actual amount of money you want to manifest into your life. We all want ‘more’ money. But we must define how much ‘more’ is. Do it now. Define the exact amount of money you want to manifest. Make it an absolute number. For instance, don’t say something like “I want 10% or 20% more.” Rather come up with something like, “I want to make/attract $10,000!” And, yes, put an exclamation mark on it. Declare to yourself, and to the Universe, exactly how much. Whatever your number is, make it an absolute number. Make it $1,000,000 if you want. For manifestation to be a success, you will need to be absolutely clear about a very specific number in your mind. What is it that you want?

The second important part is to stamp a date on when. Just like coming up with the amount you wish to manifest, state the exact date. The day you want to have the money by. Putting a date on it will do two things. Firstly it will help to keep you focused and motivated. And, secondly, it will signal to the Universe of how much you are open to receiving. Remember, at the atomic level, manifestation is about vibration. Therefore, it’s important to send positive vibes to the Universe about how badly you want it. One final thing you want to keep in mind. Come up with a specific amount and date that is realistic but not too limiting. Dream big but balance it with realism. The key, however, is to be clear and specific. The more clear and specific you are, the more it will inspire positivity.

2. Believe. With All Your Heart and Mind.

Belief is a powerful force that seems to have no limitations. Without believing, we have little chance of achieving. But, just believing isn’t enough. You need to believe with all your heart and mind. You have to believe you deserve all the money you want and need. When manifesting money, ask yourself: “Do I really believe I can have this money?” If you believe fully and feel that there is no resistance, answer with YES to this question. Believing is having faith.

Whether it be in yourself, others, the process, and the divine powers that be. When you believe, the vibrations you send out will ultimately attract money in ways you probably hadn’t thought of. If you feel you do not fully believe, find a way to believe that works for you. When you feel undeserving of money or wealth, take a look in the mirror and dig deep. Try to figure out why your limiting belief is preventing you from achieving your goals. Common causes of feeling undeserving include;

  • Low self-esteem and self-faith
  • Taking negative criticism to heart
  • Hopelessness

If you have trouble with believing, find ways to figure out your source of disbelief or limiting belief. Only then, will you be able to begin to effectively overcome it and see the possibilities.

3. Forge an Attitude of Gratitude.

Too often and too many of us take this world for granted. Things like the internet, fast food, and next day delivery have changed our expectations of how life should be. As a result, we flip out when our Netflix episode doesn’t load. We fire up when we have to wait longer than 10 minutes for our burger and fries. And, we freak out when our package doesn’t arrive the next day. Our expectations have busted through the high-ceiling and continue to soar. In a world where expectations are higher than ever, it’s never been more important to stop. Take an uninterrupted moment. And just be thankful! We complain about how much money we don’t have but, how often do we be thankful for the money we do have?

Starting today, be thankful for the money you do have in your life. Then, go a step further and be thankful for the money that you will have. This will help to increase your positive energy about money allowing you to manifest money into your life. Another benefit of being grateful also helps you to let go of any fear or anxiety you might be feeling about not having enough. Keep in mind that fear and anxiety are the complete opposite of the positive feelings that allow abundance into your life. When fearful, you become stressed and hence not in vibrational alignment with your goal of manifesting money. Being grateful entails celebrating any money you make and not dismissing any opportunity as too little.

4. Watch Your Language!

What type of language do you use when it comes to money? Do you say things like: “I’ll never have enough money to buy that.” Or, “I don’t have the money to afford it.” Or, “It is extremely difficult to make money these days.” If you use such statements to pronounce your financial situation then, it’s time to learn a new language. We may not realize it but, the words we use come from how we think about money. The more we speak the language of improbability and scarcity, the more negative we feel about money. So it’s important to be mindful of the language you use when it comes to money.

Rather than pronounce such things with “I can’t” and “I’ll never” use the language of possibility and abundance. Use phrases like: “I am deserving of more money.” “I am working to manifest more money into my life.” And, “There is more than enough money out there for me.” Watch the language you use. Anything that’s holding you back, take it out. Change it to something more positive and empowering. Make a list of positive money affirmations and recite them to yourself daily. Choose affirmations about money that reflect something you actually believe. Here are some examples of positive money affirmations you can use;

  • I am worthy and deserving of Money.
  • I will succeed in this project and make all the money I want.
  • Make it a habit especially when you feel the negativity creeping in.

5. Be Generous With Money.

Adopt a regular habit to commit random acts of kindness daily. As it is written in the Bible, “Give, and it will be given back to you” (Luke 6:38). A piece of scripture that holds water when it comes to manifesting money and, which works both ways. As strange as it may seem, the more generous you are with money, the more money will come to you. As the old adage goes: “The more you give, the more you get.” By performing random act of kindness, you send out positive energy. And, because like attracts like, the positive energy you send out is bound to come back to you. So how does this work with money? The trick is to give without any expectation of receiving.

For example, don’t give a person or a cause $20 and expect something in return. Give because you want to genuinely help. The countless times I have given money, with no expectation of anything in return, and having miraculous things happen to me is astounding. And I’m not a special case, I’ve seen it happen to many other people too meaning it can happen to you too! Regardless of what you do or don’t earn, here’s my challenge to you. Decide on a charity that you believe in. Then, in the next browser tab, you open, go directly to the website of that charity. Sign up to their program and commit to contributing a certain amount every month.

Support a Cause

I believe in the work World Vision are doing and am a regular child sponsor. Because of the way World Vision operate and the work they do to help communities in need, I hope to sponsor more children in the future. I’ve set up automatic monthly recurring payments that go directly to the children and communities I sponsor. I’ve been a World Vision sponsor for many years and don’t expect anything in return. Instead, I do it because it’s great to see the progress the children and the communities make through my contributions. Whatever your charity is, Give. Be generous with you money. By doing this, you are essentially showing and proving to the Universe that you are willing to share with those who don’t have.

6. Be Inspired by Other People’s Abundance.

Have you ever been inspired by somebody you met or someone you watched who has the riches you desire? Perhaps you were welcomed into their lavish home. Walking through, you marveled at the architecture. You could see and feel expensive fixtures and materials used. You took notice of the beautiful furniture. And, the surrounding views were breathtaking. You say to yourself, “One day, I want to live in a home just like this.” By the time you leave, motivation surges through you. There’s an extra stride in your step and you feel the swagger. What’s happened to you? You’ve been inspired by someone else’s achievements.

Have you ever experienced moments like this? Where you felt inspired by the possibilities of one day living in your own dream home? Being inspired by other people’s abundance is a great to way to keep the positive vibrations that manifest money. We live in a world riddled with more criticism and jealousy than encouragement. So it’s easy to quickly lose our positive energy—especially when it comes to money. It can be a harsh world out there but don’t ever let anyone or anything beat down what inspires you. Manifest money into your life by ridding yourself of any jealousy or harmful thoughts. Re-energize, celebrate, and be inspired from those who have what you want or desire. It may be the motivational push you need to believe in yourself and take full advantage of all the opportunities you have. Watch, listen and read the stories of people who inspire you.

7. Create a Vision Board.

If you’re not already familiar with what a Vision Board is, it’s essentially a collection of images. Cutouts from magazines or taken from the internet that represent the things you want to have and do. A vision board serves as a visual reminder to your brain that these are the things you want to manifest. To manifest money, create a vision board of images that represent what money means to you. Would it mean financial independence? Would it mean freedom? Or, would it mean giving you more time to spend with your family? Whatever money means to you, collect images that represent what manifesting the money you desire would look like to you.

To create your vision board, you can either do this online (virtually) or on a wall (physically). Pinterest is a great tool to use if you want to create a virtual board. Pinterest also has a handy app that makes it easy to add and view your board(s) wherever you go. If you prefer, an actual wall of images works too. Whether it be in your office, bedroom, or any other place you can regularly see it. The key is to collect images that accurately represent what you deem as wealth or riches. The possessions or experiences you think money will give you. Your vision board should also help to define how you will take advantage of your opportunities. According to Huffington Post contributor Elizabeth Rider, the images you add to your vision board should be ones that motivate and inspire you.

8. Act As If You Have It.

Act and behave as if you already have the amount of money you’ve declared. Be as if you are already in possession of it. Think about it. If, right now, you had the money you wish you had how would you be sitting? How would you be standing? How would you move? Would you be upright with your shoulders rolled back? Would there be some swagger in your stride? Better yet, would you be walking around with cheeky grin? How differently would you act?

Take a look in the mirror and have a good look at what you are wearing. Does the person in the mirror look like the kind of person who possesses the amount of money they desire? Does the person you’re looking back at, need to dress up—even just a little bit? Now, I’m not suggesting you need to dress exquisitely when going to the supermarket. But, I do suggest to dress “up” even just a little bit. We’ve all heard the old adage “Dress for Success.” Right? Think about it. If all things being equal, who would likely get the position for CEO of a bank? The person turning up in a business suit that smells good, and has their hair done? Or the person turning up in a tracksuit that doesn’t smell good, and looks like they just got out of bed?

Power Dress

Look and feel as if you already have your riches. Act and behave in the way you would if you had already manifested the money you wanted. You might just be amazed at how much more confident and energetic you will feel by simply dressing yourself up. Even if it’s to do ordinary things like the shopping or, working at your desk. The idea behind this is called Power Dressing. It’s an effective technique to raise your vibration. It signals to the Universe that you are willing to manifest money and go places. In addition to Power Dressing, go out and window shop. It may seem shallow and stupid but it is enormously powerful. Feeling as if you have the ability to acquire the possessions you desire is incredibly motivating and inspiring.

9. Allow Money into Your Life.

Allow the money into your life by creating space for it. Creating space for the money you want sends a message to the Universe that you are a willing receiver and there is nothing blocking the money from coming your way. Use allowing statements like the ones listed below to allow the flow of money into your life. The positive affirmations will help to create emotional space and dissolve resistance you have to allowing the amount of money you desire into your life.

  • I openly allow the flow of money into my life.
  • I am worthy and deserving of the money I wish to have.
  • My actions yield to the Universe that I am open to receiving more money.

Another aspect of allowing more money is to create physical space. Declutter your purse or wallet of anything you don’t need. Throw away any expired cards or old receipts to clear any lifeless and negative energy. Do the same for anywhere else you keep your money. Creating space for money in your life also entails getting rid of any old stuff that you don’t use anymore. Most of the time people hold onto things they collect because they are afraid they won’t, one day, have the money to buy, replace, or upgrade. If they had the money, however, they wouldn’t think and feel this way. Show positivity by getting rid of any material possessions that are not of use to you. Create space, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Practice the art of decluttering and just watch how much more abundant you will feel.

10. Count Money.

The purpose of this manifestation exercise is to help put you in the mindset of what you want to achieve. By imagining you are already holding the money you want and desire in your hands, you are subconsciously awakening and motivating yourself to work harder and smarter to make it happen. Here is how to do it. Imagine you are holding the notes in your hands. Feel how thick each pile of cash is in each of your hands, feel the weight of the money, feel the materials the money is made of, feel prints made on the money. Run your thumb downside the edges to flick the notes. Now, layer each bill down in front of you as you count all the notes. The aim is to try and make the experience as vivid and as real as possible.

11. Smell Money.

Smell is a powerful sense that makes a direct connection with your brain. The scent of money, therefore, has an appealing and distinctive smell that is rarely found on anything else. Use your memory of the smell to help trigger the manifestation process and attract money into your life. So what does this smell have to do with manifesting money? Simple! Consistently smelling money puts you in vibrational alignment with it. While vividly holding it in your hands, also smell it to take it all in. Imagine that the bills you are sniffing are yours.

12. Go for a Test Drive.

My brother was once interested in buying new car for himself. The problem was, he would tell me he couldn’t afford what he wanted. So, one day, when I went to pick up my new car, I took him with me to the dealership. I knew the dealership had the kind of car he wanted. He just needed to get in one to feel what it was like. When we get there, we take my car out for another test drive. As we return, I say to him, why don’t you take a few other cars for a test drive? I’ll be a while sorting out the paperwork for this one anyway. Sure enough, as I look out the office window, he’s hitting the road in the car he wants. By the time the dealership and I are done with taking delivery, my brother arrives back and says: “Jump in!”

When we got back from the test drive, we discussed with the dealership what his options were. On the way home all he thought of was how he could make it happen. How he could do it and make that car his. It didn’t happen right away but, eventually, he got into the car he wanted. What happened? Over the following weeks, he only thought of the possibilities. Before, his thoughts were: “I can’t afford it” and “I couldn’t do it.” After the test drive, his thoughts then became: “How can I do it?” and “How could I make it happen?” The feeling of the test drive compelled him to change his thinking and, therefore, change his vibration. He took positive action and, got what he wanted. So, what is it that you want money to buy you that you could take for a test drive?

13. Track Your Spending Habits.

How often do you review what money goes in, and what money comes out? Do you even do it at all? If you already keep a track of your spending, awesome! If not, how are you supposed to know whether or not you are spending more than what you are earning? Starting today, if you don’t already, I encourage you to take a close look at your finances. Examine your spending habits and determine whether you are being good with money or not. If you are spending less than what you earn, great! If, however, you come up negative more often than not, then you need to make a change to your spending habits.

Your 21 Day Challenge.

If you are serious about manifesting more money into your life, here’s my challenge to you. For the next 21 days, keep a record of every cent you accumulate. Whether it’s earned, given to you, found, whatever. Also, keep a record of every penny spent, given away, etc. I find using spreadsheet software like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel works well. If, however, you prefer to use pen and paper that’s fine too. Just do what works for you. The purpose of this exercise is two-fold. (1) To make you become aware of where your money is coming from and where it is going to. And, (2) encourage you to adopt better spending habits so you feel more positive about money.

It goes without saying: when you can spend money more effectively, you become intrinsically motivated to make more. So I encourage you to take on this challenge. Carry around a notebook if you have to. Note down all the money you earn and all the money you spend. By the end of the 21 days, you should have a clear idea of where you can better with your money. According to the law of attraction, when you can spend wisely, you attract more. Spend your money wisely and make optimum use of it. Show that you can be a good manager of money.

14. Keep a Journal.

This is to write down everything you want when it comes to finances. Things like your thoughts, your progress, what you’ve seen, and what you’ve heard about money. When we have money goals, it’s easy to forget how much we want. Why we want it. How we plan to acquire it. And, what we need to be doing to get it. It’s easy to get sidetracked and lose focus. This is why keeping a journal is important if you are serious Your journal entries don’t have to be long. Start out with just writing out a few sentences daily. If you don’t know what to write, start with writing down answers to the questions below.

  1. What did I do today to get closer to manifesting the money I desire?
  2. How can I do better tomorrow to manifest the money I want?
  3. What other things can I do to attract the money I want.

As with my challenge to keep a track of your finances 21 days I encourage you to do the same for journaling. Keeping this up as a daily habit will not only help you to be aware of all the money around you but will also provide you with a safe avenue to vent out all the negativity so that you begin every day positive and refreshed.

15. Let Go of the Guilt.

As humans, the fear of success is very real. So real that we don’t even know when we are sabotaging our own achievements. And, when it comes to money, it’s no different. It’s common to fear the guilt of having more money. Whether we know it or not. Consciously or deep down, we fear the guilt of having more than others. A bigger house, nicer cars, and all the family vacations that come with more money. We compare what having more money would be like against what others around us have. As a result, we think to ourselves, “I don’t want to bear the guilt.”

It’s a small statement, but it can have a tremendously negative impact to the manifestation process. For many people, they fear an abundance of money will make people think they are vain and that they are better than others. Let go of the guilt. Just because you have goals and are willing to do whatever it takes doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about it. The more you let guilt get the better of you, the less likely you will manifest what you truly want. If you have an element guilt about money within you, try this exercise. List down all the positive aspects of what having the money you desire would mean to you.

For example:

  • Taking good care of family
  • Giving to charity
  • Helping out friends who are in need
  • Having a sense of achievement
  • Increasing your self-esteem

16. Surround Yourself With The Right People.

Network and surround yourself with people who keep you on track. Manifesting money is a lifestyle, not just a one-off process. As American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Meaning, be mindful of the people you chose to spend your time with. Choose to surround yourself with positive people who support your metaphysical journey. Reflect upon the people you spend time with and ask yourself; “Are these the right people for me?” In other words, in order to manifest the money you want, should you be spending time with these people? For instance, if the people you associate with most aren’t aligned and don’t support your money goals, then it may be time to surround yourself with other people who do.

Sometimes, this might mean you have to spend less time or disassociate yourself from the people you love and enjoy. It can be a difficult decision to make. But, keep this in mind. If they don’t have the same goals and aspirations as you do, they are likely to hinder your progress. Decide to remove yourself from others who are negative and whom discourage you from pursuing your opportunities. Keeping yourself around those types of people will only derail the manifestation process. On a more positive note, be hopeful and seek out people who will help you keep on track with manifestation lifestyle. Keep yourself open minded to meeting positive people. Others, just like you, who trust the process and are willing to give you helpful money advice.

17. Build Hope.

Having hope is having a feeling of trust. A feeling of expectancy that what we want to happen—will happen! Even though we don’t exactly know when, where, or how it will happen. How do you build hope when it comes to money? Write yourself a cheque. Not an imaginary cheque, but a paper cheque you can put into your wallet. Something tangible you can see and feel every day. It doesn’t have to be written from an actual cheque book so long as it is real to you. There are a number of free blank cheque templates or an online cheque generator you can use to write and print yourself a cheque. People use this technique to build hope, and it works. Take, for example, the story of a famous entertainer.

Laughing His Way to the Bank.

Globally renowned comedian Jim Carrey was once a struggling actor trying to make ends meet. One night, in 1990, after being booed off stage during a mic session at a famous LA nightclub, he hit rock bottom. His self-esteem crushed. At this point, Jim was about ready to give up on his dream of becoming a professional actor. That devastating night Jim sat by himself at the top of Mulholland Drive and wrote himself an imaginary check of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) and labeled it “For acting services rendered.” That cheque was a reminder for him to keep hoping. Even though it was a piece of paper, it became something he could always go back to and build hope upon. Flash-forward to 1995 (five years later) and his contract price had risen to twenty million dollars. Double what he had once written himself a cheque for.

If Jim Carrey made it in an industry that chews and spits out even the most talented people, then, there is no doubt that you too can also make the money you desire. Just like Jim, find a way to build hope. Write yourself a cheque and fuel your motivation. Carry it with you everywhere you go and always remind yourself of it.

18. Bless Your Money.

Don’t feel bad about spending your money. Whenever you spend your money, always spare a moment to bless it by commanding it to go and serve others who are in desperate need. Also, command it to come back in a million fold. Money is meant to be spent; being possessive with it sends a message to the universe that you are satisfied with what you already have. Blessing your money makes you a cheerful giver and this elicits positive vibes. In theory, only a cheerful giver receives. A mere thank you from someone you have paid such as a waiter you have tipped makes a great impact.

19. Meditate.

Manifestation to attract the money you want, need or desire requires some time getting your conscious and subconscious mind in sync through meditation. It does not have to be complicated; simply look for a quiet place where you can enjoy your solitude and visualize the life you want once you get the money you are aiming at. The secret to success in money meditation is to:

  • Be exact in your visualizations.
  • Meditate consistently.
  • Be absolutely convinced that abundance/money is your fundamental right.
  • Incorporate positive affirmations about money.

See also: Meditation Benefits and How it Can Improve Your Life

20. Get to Work.

As the great philosopher, Archimedes once said: “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.” A powerful sentiment which speaks to those who are willing to take the tools they have, to make change. In this post, I’ve provided you with the tools and techniques you need to move forward and manifest the money you desire. The sooner you put these tools and techniques to work, the sooner you will get results. If you truly want to manifest more money into your life, master these techniques. Know exactly what you want. Synchronize your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And, of course, do whatever it takes every day to make progress.

Above all else, be patient and stay with it. Manifesting money takes time, so allow the Universe to respond. Finally, while this guide was geared towards manifesting money, the same techniques can be used to manifest anything else you want in life. So go out there. Put into practice what you have learned here, and enjoy the abundant life you deserve.

21. Trust the Process.

Manifesting money is completely useless if you don’t take the prerogative to trust the process. As you use these techniques it is important for you to believe and trust in the process. Spending your time doubting, worrying, and questioning whether manifestation works, will only hinder your progress. We all want to manifest money as quickly as possible. And, when the money doesn’t present itself as quickly as we want, it’s easy to let doubt creep in. Often at times, we are closer than we think to achieving our goal. The problem is, we tend to give up too soon. Many times at the first sign of defeat. Wistfully, we don’t give ourselves a fighting chance to succeed let alone the Universe to prove itself. Stick with it. Have faith. Trust the process. If you do your part, the Universe will do theirs.

Wrapping up

With these simple techniques, there is no doubt you will master how to manifest money. The key to success is consistency, patience and following up the manifestation with hard work and smart financial decisions. It is time to take your finances into your own hands and begin manifesting money so that you can realize all your goals and objectives.

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